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Government has today launched an ambitious plan to grow the economy and boost UK creative industries by £50 billion by 2030.

Developed in tandem with the Creative Industries Council, this new Sector Vision published today also sets out a shared ambition for one million extra jobs and a creative careers promise for a pipeline of future talent.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

“The creative industries are a true British success story, from global music stars like Adele and Ed Sheeran to world-class cultural institutions like the National Theatre.

“These industries have a special place in our national life and make a unique contribution to how we feel about ourselves as a country.

“We want to build on this incredible success to drive growth in our economy - one of my key priorities – and to ensure that UK creative industries continue to lead the world long into the future.

“Backed up with significant new funding, this ambitious plan will help grow the sector by an extra £50 billion while creating one million extra jobs by 2030.”

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer

“The imagination and ingenuity of British designers, producers, content creators, writers and artists are spearheading growth right across our economy.

The government is backing our creatives to maximise the potential of the creative industries. This Sector Vision is about driving innovation, attracting investment and building on the clusters of creativity across the country. And from first days at school to last days of work, we will nurture the skills needed to build a larger creative workforce to harness the talent needed for continued success.

"Working with the industry this vision is helping the UK creative sectors go from strength to strength - providing jobs and opportunities, creating world leading content and supporting economic growth across the country."

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt

“Our Creative Industry isn’t just about the glitz and glam of the red carpet in Leicester Square. It brings in £108 billion a year to help fund our public services, supports over 2 million jobs, and is world renowned. 

“That’s why we’re backing it as an industry to drive our economic growth, keeping the UK at the top of the world’s cultural charts with a multi-million pound boost.”

Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch

“The UK has a global reputation for creating, writing and producing amazing music and the Creative Industries generate over £50 billion in exports for the UK economy and are a key driver for UK growth.

"The Department for Business and Trade is committed to championing our world class artists and businesses around the world by doubling creative trade missions and expanding support for exporters in the creative industries.”

Industry co-Chair of the Creative Industries Council - Sir Peter Bazalgette

"The Creative Industries are coming of age with this ambitious policy framework for economic growth and cultural value. Our Sector Vision, developed jointly with government, champions R&D-led innovation and future skills, drawing on the talent of all our communities.

"It also promotes positive impact on health & wellbeing, the environment & Britain's global reach. Helped by the government's new spending commitments, the work starts now to deliver on this growth agenda."

Chief Executive, Creative UK & Creative Industries Council member - Caroline Norbury OBE

“The UK Government’s Sector Vision recognises and cements the Creative Industries’ immense capacity for growth, and rightly prioritises much-needed investment in the sector.

"Creative UK, our members, and colleagues across the Creative Industries, stand ready to further unleash the power of creativity, so that together we can drive inclusive growth across all parts of the UK.”

UK Research and Innovation Creative Industries Sector Champion - Professor Christopher Smith

“The creative industries are a UK success story, key to the UK’s prosperity, wellbeing and resilience. From design to screen, fashion and textiles to heritage, they are generating high-quality employment and innovation.

“UKRI’s creative industries investments, including CoSTAR, Creative Catalyst and the Creative Industry Clusters Programme, will catalyse the research and innovation that are crucial for this fast-growing and important sector.

“The creative industries are now firmly embedded in the research and development ecosystem, ensuring that the UK remains a genuine world leader in the industries of the future.”

CEO of The British Fashion Council and Chair of The Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board - Caroline Rush

On behalf of The British Fashion Council: "We are delighted to have the support from the government for London Fashion Week, the international platform for creative fashion businesses from micro businesses to global fashion brands. 

"It is especially important as we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of London Fashion Week in 2024. The value this brings to the creative community in London and for our standing on the global stage is extremely vital to support the UK fashion industry."

On behalf of The Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board: "We welcome the release of the Sector Vision and will continue to work closely with both industry and government to ensure that we reach £1 trillion of exports by 2030.

"We are delighted to see the extra funding for many of our sectors that will showcase our creative industries on the global stage to help both exports and inward investment."

BRIT Awards Rising Star nominee - beabadoobee

“The funding from the Music Export Growth Scheme came at a great point in my career and gave me a helping hand. I’m happy to know the scheme is being extended and more money will be coming into music to help even more new artists breakthrough. This will all help in building artists fanbases in the UK and around the world.”

Chief Executive for UK Music - Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

“This new investment is hugely welcome and will deliver a significant boost to the Music Export Growth Scheme and to grassroots music venues across the country.

“In an increasingly competitive global environment, it’s vital we give our world-leading creative industries the support they need to continue creating high quality jobs and contributing billions to the economy. 

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Government to make the UK the best place to create, innovate, produce and consume music.”

CEO of Channel 4 - Alex Mahon

“This boost to the creative sector will help Channel 4 in its ambition to attract more people into the creative industries across the UK, particularly those from different backgrounds, by offering them opportunities to develop skills and experience to be successful in a career they might never have thought possible."

CEO of the Design Council - Minnie Moll

“The design sector alone has grown by 73% in the last 10 years, and as well as being such a significant economic sector, the creative industries have the unique ability to harness the power of creativity and story-telling to bring about positive and enduring change for people and planet.

"Having been acknowledged as a top 5 growth area, the sector vision brings further recognition of the power and potential of our world leading creative industries.”

Chair of Faber & Faber - Stephen Page

“The golden thread of education and skills pathways that support careers for all in the creative industries is vital to their continued growth and outstanding success.

"I welcome the Sector Vision’s commitment to building the future workforce our industry needs, with opportunities for people from all backgrounds, and look forward to continued close working between Government and Industry towards realising that goal.”

Chief Strategy Officer and Interim CEO of the British Phonographic Institute - Sophie Jones

“At a time when UK artists face greater competition than ever before in a now truly global music market, the Music Export Growth Scheme is an invaluable resource for those independent artists and music companies looking to export their music around the world.

"The scheme is already well over-subscribed, and with this additional investment, the scheme will be able to help even more deserving artists achieve global success.

"We are delighted that the Government has recognised the excellent return on investment that MEGS presents and has moved to support independent artists and music in this way.”

Co-CEO of video games trade body Ukie - Daniel Wood

“The games industry welcomes the Secretary of State’s ambition to boost the creatives industries. Today’s vision cements what we have always said that the UK games industry is an engine of economic growth - creating high quality jobs across the whole of the UK, contributing over £5 billion in GVA with 80 per cent outside London and Southeast. 

 “We are also pleased to see that the government continues to recognise the importance of the country’s games industry and is committing an additional £5 million to the UK Games Fund.

"Today’s announcement of additional funding will support even more UK games businesses to scale up by accessing the finance they need to create the next generation of games, whilst also developing the innovative and original content a global audience of billions love."

Chief Executive, Edinburgh International Festival - Francesca Hegyi

“I am pleased to welcome the launch of the joint Government and Creative Industry Council's Sector Vision today and it fills me with optimism about the future of the creative industries in the UK.

"The vision sets a path for enhanced collaboration as well as a renewed focus on inclusivity and innovation. With the Council now embracing a truly UK-wide perspective, the potential for our industry to lead the way has never been stronger.”

Amazon Managing Director - Chris Bird

“I welcome the Government’s long term focus on helping to grow and develop the Creative Industries. We remain committed to investing in the Creative Industries and supporting the development of a sustainable and diverse pipeline of talent through our £10million Prime Video Pathway programme. I look forward to supporting the Vision through Amazon’s participation on the Government’s Creative Industries Council.”

Director Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (Creative PEC) - Hasan Bakhshi MBE

“The UK's creative industries have come of age in recent years, and the publication of this Sector Vision is a major further milestone.

"The Creative PEC looks forward to playing its part in growing the evidence base needed by policymakers to drive forward their growth.”

CEO of Innovate UK - Indro Mukerjee

“Innovate UK welcomes the publication of this sector vision for the Creative Industries and recognises the sector as valuable and growing part of the UK economy.

"The convergence of creativity and technology in the sector presents many opportunities for innovation, adoption, and diffusion across all parts of the UK.

"Working with our partners, we are strongly committed to supporting the sector for greater economic impact and to help improve the skills and talent pipeline through greater diversity and inclusion.”

Chief Executive of the Society of Authors and Chair of the Creators’ Rights Alliance - Nicola Solomon

"The publication of the Government’s Creative Industries Sector Vision is an important acknowledgment of the vital roles played by thousands of creative freelancers writing, illustrating, translating, recording and performing in the UK today. Without them, our books, magazines, television, film, theatre, galleries and music could not happen.

"The success of the sector – whether creative, cultural or financial – is only possible with the countless successes of these individuals. It is essential that their voices continue to be heard, individually and through organisations like the Society of Authors that represent them, and umbrella bodies like the Creators’ Rights Alliance."

CEO of Bonnier Books UK - Perminder Mann

 “I’m incredibly proud of the work that the CIC has put in to support the government in the development of this Sector Vision. In particular I’m confident that the commitment to build a strong and diverse pipeline of talent and skills is the key to delivering sustainable growth across our sector, and I look forward to supporting its delivery."

CEO of The Publishers Association - Dan Conway

“I am delighted to see the Sector Vision launch today, following months of hard work and collaboration between the government, and the UK’s leading creative industries.

"Together we have the power to further drive this wonderful sector forward, including on issues such as diversity, sustainability and skills. The Sector Vision is a testament to the success of publishing and the wider creative industries, and in their ability to grow even further.”

CEO of Advertising Association - Stephen Woodford

"This sector deal is a landmark for the creative industries and we welcome it on behalf of the advertising industry. Improving access for a wider range of talent and promoting exports are both especially welcome for the advertising industry."

Founder and CEO of Julie's Bicycle - Alison Tickell

"It’s really good to see the commitment in the Sector Vision to climate action as a priority for the Creative Industries Council, and I look forward to making progress on  this critical agenda."

Acting Interim Executive Director of Crafts Council - Natalie Melton

"Crafts Council welcomes the publication of The UK Government’s Creative Industries Sector Vision. Craft skills and knowledge are fundamental to so much of our nation’s creativity and innovation.

"We’re excited to see how the government’s commitments to support and invest in the creative economy can benefit the Craft sector across the UK."

Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University, CIC board member - Professor Steven Spier

"The UK’s creative industries and its higher education sector are truly world-beating engines for economic prosperity and the country’s renown. The Sector Vision will help ensure that there is an ongoing skilled pipeline for talented young people to support the industry and maintain its pre-eminence.

‘The stated focus on delivering future skills – along with the ambition for enhanced collaboration between government, industry and educators – will help the UK overcome existing hurdles to maximise opportunities for the future and remain world-leading in the creative industries."

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